McClam & Associates, Inc. is committed to the safety and health of its employees and the general public. We do not compromise the safety of our employees and our sites. We are committed to providing safety policies and procedures and training that enables our employees to have the knowledge and ability to keep themselves and their coworkers safe.

Here are a few highlights of our program:

  • Daily and weekly safety meetings and inspections
  • A commitment to a drug/alcohol free work environment
  • We have a complete and thorough written safety program that meets all Federal, State and County safety regulations.
  • Crews are well trained and experienced in working with and around heavy equipment and are also familiar with and required to implement the use of personnel protective equipment when crew members are exposed to hazards associated with construction activities.
  • All Superintendents and Foreman have been effectively trained and are designated as Competent Persons representing the Contractor and are empowered to make all necessary safety decisions.
  • Supervisors attend a quarterly safety training meeting.
  • McClam & Associates, Inc. has a full-time Safety Director who monitors ever changing safety regulations and prepares safety and health related plans for specific projects. Our Safety Director is on site weekly to survey our most active construction activities and to provide safety direction and inputs to supervisors and crew members as required. 
  • Our safety goals are two-fold: (1) to provide worker safety and to ensure there are no injuries or illnesses on site, and (2) to ensure compliance with project owners and regulator safety and health requirements at all times. 


We are committed to providing quality construction to project specifications in a timely manner. We work diligently to honor our commitments to integrity, quality, relationships, and our people.