Clemson Pkg A

Project: Clemson University Electrical Distribution Upgrades and Replacements – Package A

Owner: Clemson University

Engineer: Jacobs Engineering, Inc.

General Contractor: A. West Enterprise, LLC

Description:  McClam & Associates’ project scope consisted of the installation of parallel 24” DIP thermal distribution piping (chilled water) and valves along and in SC Hwy 93. This was part of a larger package that included electrical distribution upgrades and replacements completed by others. In total, 9,500 LF of 24” ductile iron pipe (DIP) of which 1,280 LF was restrained joint DIP. Also installed as part of the project were 24” butterfly valves, 16” DIP and butterfly valves, 12” DIP and butterfly valves, and 6” DIP and butterfly valves. McClam & Associates also flushed, tested, and circulated chemicals into the new lines utilizing temporary 12” connections and 12” pump.

Cost:                            $4,635,238.21

Time:                           365 Days

Completed:                 February 2019